Welcome to the Light.

The past year has been tough.

We have realized that what's missing most from our lives is not the traveling, the dining out, the concerts, and the events.

It's not the stuff.

It's the people to do the stuff with.

It's the ability to connect.

To be in real community. 

We know by virtue of the fact that because you either listen to our podcast, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, or have worked with SimplyBe. personally, that you are a lightworker. We know that, like us, you are on the path to living your most mission-driven, inspired, and authentic life, and creating a brand or business...

on your own terms.

You are personally invited to become a Founding Member of our brand new private community where you can connect with each other, connect with yourself, all the while being SHOWERED with gifts, giveaways and VIP experiences each and every month.

From our light-filled hearts, to yours...


Welcome to the

An inclusive, yet exclusive community for mission-driven, inspired and authentic, entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders on the path to SimplyBe. -ing.

As a Founding Member, each month, you'll receive our "Be. Box," filled with private branding lessons, exclusive Spotify playlists, inspirational mood boards, access to VIP events, and get exclusive first access to new products from the SimplyBe. universe.

Founding Members receive all of this for FREE.

Become a Founding Member:


Join The SimplyBe. Society and receive:

Exclusive first access (and discounts!) to new products and courses from SimplyBe.

Invitations to be interviewed on the SimplyBe. Podcast as a featured guest to share your story on your path to SimplyBe.'ing

Prize giveaways that span gift cards to 1:1 coaching sessions with Jessica Zweig, Founder + CEO of SimplyBe.

The best part?

It's all FREE to our Founding Members.

Your initiation into the SimplyBe. Society begins with a free download of the

Upon joining, you'll receive instant access to the monthly "Be. Box," inclusive of:


from the SimplyBe. CEO + Founder herself, Jessica Zweig


in alignment with our monthly themes, curated by DJ Megan Taylor


to get your creative juices flowing as you build your brand

Upon joining, you'll also be entered to win monthly prizes, from crystals and candles (we like the woo woo), to cash gift cards, to Be. branded swag.

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All of this is FREE for Founding Members.

That’s right. When you join, you’ll officially become a Founding Member of the SimplyBe. Society. Your membership includes:

  • First access to our VIP events and upcoming book tour experiences
  • Our digital gift set, The “Be. Box,” filled with exclusive branding lessons, sneak peek chapters from the book "Be.", inspiration boards and Spotify playlists
  • Epic prizes and giveaways from candles and crystals, to cash gift cards to 1:1 coaching sessions with Jessica
  • Chances to be featured on the SimplyBe. Podcast
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Discounts on our upcoming courses and programs 
  • And so much more...

Community, service, light and impact are more essential than ever. The SimplyBe. Society is here to provide you with it all, so that you can build your most authentic business, brand and life.

Each and every month, we will provide you the guidance, the connection and the tools to Simply Be. all that you are meant to Be.

The world needs you.